Saturday, 28 November 2009

Day 33 - Hot n Cold

Apparently, the temperature of the water you drink can make a difference to your diet. Seriously. In the main I have been drinking chilled water during my project, either from the fridge at home or the water cooler at work. Once or twice a day, I will have a hot water with a slice of lemon. But a colleague informed me weeks ago that drinking cold water is more beneficial because your body burns calories as it heats the water to your body temperature. Rubbish. Or so I thought.

I decided to do a bit of research on this and, amazingly, it turns out he was right. Well, that's according to This seems to be the general consensus on the articles I've looked at, which say you can burn an extra 70cals a day by drinking 8 small glasses of ice cold water. It seems reasonable to assume that your body is working that little bit harder to warm up your freezing tummy. But 0 degrees celcius? Come on. That's like drinking a snowball and, in the depths of a Northern winter, it's not something I'm prepared to do.

And there is an argument for drinking warm liquids while on a diet. While reading - an article on drinking green tea to suppress appetitie - I was surprised to read the iced drinks theory only works in the summer while a hot drinks approach works best in winter. Presumably this is because you are trying to get your body to be the opposite of how it feels, temperature-wise (cool in summer, warm in winter). And this requires energy.

Either way, I'm not sure how much difference 70 cals a day will make to my weight loss programme. After all, there are 79 cals in a Lindt Lindor truffle ball. And I've had 5 already tonight...

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  1. Funny! I had read that long ago, too, but had no idea the difference was so few calories. Not worth it for me as I love room temperature distilled water only and piping hot tea to iced tea (patently most un-Southern of me).