Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Day 1 (Second Post)

Well, I am officially on my water diet. Instead of my normal orange juice at breakfast, morning coffee, cordial with lunch, cups of tea at work and a hot orange just before bedtime, I have only sipped water.

My morning intake was increased by a trip to the gym so all in all I think I've drunk 3 litres today. According to Government guidelines we should be drinking 6-8 glasses of water per day (1.2litres), so I'm doing OK.

I haven't drunk for the sake of it, only when thirsty, so am not in danger of overdoing it. Which some people have. Unbelievably, people have actually died from drinking too much water.

While doing some research for this project, a Google search for 'water diet' brought up this story: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/tyne/8171281.stm It's about a woman in her twenties who lived off soup and water to get down to 9st 2lb. She was still in her healthy BMI range but her body lacked sugar so ketoacidosis was triggered, where the body eats into its own fat reserves.

And this woman died after drinking 7 pints of water in one day, while on the Lighter Life plan: http://news.sky.com/skynews/Home/UK-News/Water-Diet-Mother-Jacqueline-Henson-Dies-On-LighterLife-Diet-After-Drinking-Too-Much-Water/Article/200812215177968  Her over-drinking led to a swelling of the brain.

I have no intention of forcing myself to drink a specific amount of water and I am coupling this project with a healthy, balanced diet.

Today has been pretty easy for me, apart from noticing that I was REALLY hungry at about 2pm. This was after a gym class and having walked through town carrying a copious amount of early Christmas shopping, so I think that hunger was justified.

Although I know there are tough times ahead – parties, meals out, birthdays, brewtimes – I am determined to see this thing through at least until my birthday, which is seven weeks away. So bring on the Evian!

Saturday, 24 October 2009

The plan (First Post)

Having been a yo-yo dieter since the age of 17, I have, at the grand old age of 27, come to the conclusion that I must be doing something wrong.

I've tried everything: SlimFast, cabbage soup, the British Heart Foundation's 3-day diet (for obese people who are awaiting surgery and desperately need to shed a few pounds before doctors risk opening them up), Slimming World and, more recently, WeightsWatchers (WW), which worked.

It worked so well that I lost 20lb in three months and I thought I'd cracked it. With an impending wedding (August 2010) I rushed to a bridal shop and got measured up for my dream dress. Then, I promptly put 7lbs back on.

I know why, it's becasue I ate too much. There. I said it. No excuses... like the ones I've been using for the past few weeks, as my clothes got gradually tighter and I started catching people taking sneaky "is she pregnant?" glances at my swollen tummy. It wasn't because my WW meeting closed, or that I have been stressed after my cat went missing and we agreed a sale on our house. It wasn't because I decided to cut out sugar and my body was adjusting. It was because I ate too much.

So here's the plan... this weekend is my final blow-out. It's my fiance's birthday on Monday and we've already had a wine and takeaway to celebrate, not to mention a generous slice of the Nigella Lawson Malteser cake which I so lovingly baked for him. There's a day out shopping to come (with obligatory slap-up lunch) and a family party (complete with sausage rolls). Then that's it. I'm back on the wagon.

But this time it's different. I propose, stupidly or otherwise, to only let 1 drink pass my lips until I break for xmas week. And that's H2O. Corporation pop. Yes, water.

Whether at work, home or out on the razz, I promise I will only let water pass my lips. I will, of course, curb the biscuits and eat healthily too, but I really feel my system needs a good washout, a cleansing, detoxing rinse of the soul. So, from Tuesday 27th October 2009, I am The Watergirl.