Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Day 29 (Eighth Post)

It's now been almost a month since I vowed to stick to water and ditch all other drinks. Apart from a rogue coffee and a cheeky orange squash last week, I was doing really well and had lost 3.5lbs.. until the weekend, that is. I had arranged to go to a comedy club with my fiancee and two friends and, just a few hours before, vowed not to touch anything at the bar. But as I changed my clothes and downed a couple slices of cheese on toast, my friends arrived and the party spirit began to surface. I ended up having three vodka and tonics at the gig and leaving on the merry side of sober.

The shame kicked in the morning after and I felt like such a hypocrite for writing last week that I was going to be extra careful. But that feeling was nothing compared to the disappointment I felt when I stepped on the scales this morning and found I had put half a pound on. Noooo!

But what really got my goat was that the vodka was not actually too bad, around 300 cals (two doubles and a single @ 60 cals per measure), but the tonic water contained around 360 (120 per glass). How annoying! There was no slimline tonic available but in future I'll just have it on the rocks I think.

However, I am staying positive and looking at it this way: I've lost 3lbs in a month, which means I am only about 5lbs off my target weight. And I have three more weeks to go until my next night out is planned, when I intend to break from my water diet for the Christmas period. So it's realistic that I can lose another 3lbs before Christmas. Now all I need to do is stay away from the mince pies! Why is Christmas food so calorfic?!

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  1. Hang in there...this is what every serious effort toward achieving a goal is like. Just learn from the mistakes (as u said, next time on the rocks if u simply must have a drink) and then move along.