Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Day 22 (Seventh Post)

Today was slightly disappointing, I have to admit. My bums, tums and legs class has been rebranded as "Tone", and after a hearty workout I took myself off to the gym's fancy scales. The digital counter rolled through the numbers, up and down, before settling on... exactly the same as last week. To a tenth of a pound! I wasn't 100% confident when I stepped on them, I must admit, probably due to the odd biscuit and chocolate bar that just happened to pass through my lips this week. But I am placing most of the blame on the fact that I was wearing my full-length, jersey jogging bottoms as opposed to the lightweight cut-off pants I have been wearing for previous weigh-ins. That must make a difference of half a pound... surely!

I know I'm clutching at straws here, but many life-long dieters I know do exactly the same thing. Come on, how many times have you stepped on the scales and had a disappointing result, then gone on to blame that party you went to, or a bad week at work, or even the time of the month? It's so easy to divert the failure to something or someone else. And we shouldn't. I'm not saying we should feel guilty for putting on weight but I do think we need to take a look at our actions and take full responsibility for them.

So that's what I'm going to do this week. Yes, I am a sinner, but Lord I can change! I vow to go to Strictly-cise tomorrow, then do a proper workout on Friday. And I will stick to the water, even though I'm going out with friends this weekend who will be boozing merrily.
And for next week's weigh-in, I'll be wearing my cut-off pants!


  1. Blaming your cycle happens to be a perfectly legitimate excuse as to why you don't lose weight from week to week, even if you're in a proper caloric deficit.

    Water retention can account for up to FIFTEEN unexplained pounds. It's important that you weigh yourself under similar conditions every time. Preferably on an empty stomach, and just after you've finished up in the bathroom (yes, poop and pee have weight to them.)

    However, given the effect menstruation does have on water retention, you can't really be expected to see consistent weight loss unless you measure on the same day of your cycle.

    That is to say, you may very well be losing FAT and not even realizing it because you're hung up over the water you're dragging around!

    So hop on the scale once, maybe twice a month, and only compare those weights to your beginning and mid-cycle weights. You'll drive yourself mad thinking you're going to get scale-apparent weight loss week to week without hurting yourself.

  2. Lisa here from http://slowdeepbreaths.blogspot.com

    I not only blame my clothes, but I have been known to get off, remove my jeans and try again.... in the middle of my kitchen. LOL

  3. LOL @ Lisa, one of my former WeightWatchers leaders once told me about a girl who was, like me, dieting for her wedding. She said on her final weigh-in before her big day, this girl actually stripped down to her bra and knickers in the meeting, in front of the whole group! She made her target though :-D

  4. @Lisa Hilarious...and I must say I am guilty as charged. Since I started my FrumpyFatAss Project though, I have got into the routine of wake up, evacuate via the toilet, then stroll into kitchen naked to weigh myself (don't ask me why I keep the scale here).

    But like @Eric said, I agree that the period messes it all up and so I actually completely avoid weighing myself when I am menstruating because I know I'll just feel mad at myself if the numbers have stuck - or worse - gone up.