Sunday, 14 February 2010

A new goal - Race For Life

After my last post I weighed myself and no, it wasn't my imagination. I hadn't lost weight and am only about 1lb lighter than when I started this whole water thing. Grrr! I am still sticking to the water, only giving in to the odd decaff coffee and a  small, weekly helping of wine. Not bad considering how much alcohol and caffeine I was drinking before. But not good enough to make much of a difference, apparently.

But this week I asked my fiance's sister if she would run in the Cancer Research UK's Race For Life with me. We've both done it in the past, but not together, and she agreed. So I have until June 27th to get my ass into good enough shape to run 5km. Which may not seem like a big run but I actually only run 2.4km on the treadmill during my usual gym workout. So here's the plan: for the rest of February I'm going to run 3km, then each month up the distance by 500m until, in June, I'll reach 5km. And I'm going to practise both outdoor and gym running to make sure I'm conditioned ready for the event!

Our Race For Life is being held on a horse racecourse so the ground should be fairly flat - no hills, yay! I don't know how I'm going to handle the jumps, though...

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