Saturday, 16 January 2010

Miss Motivator

Damn, I feel so motivated at the moment and hope my blog can inspire you all this week. I managed to shift a pound by doing 4 days of exercise this week (2 gym sessions, a good walk and 1 exercise DVD) and plan to do some more tomorrow as I am off work with my fiance. Not that kind of exercise you smutty ones at the back... we're going to explore the countryside near our new home and go for a hike.

This will be the most exercise I've done in a week for a long time, what with the Christmas break then snow covering every pavement and footpath in the country. But now the big thaw is here, I can't seem to get enough. And my fitness regime has been accompanied by a (fairly) healthy diet. Have been eating fruit for breakfast and am sticking to the water, so it's all good. I have still managed a few biscuits and a bit of cake, but if I can lose a pound a week doing this then I'll be happy!

But on a more negative note, I have another gym moan. This week it wasn't the other gym members who were pissing me off, but a gym employee! There I was, pounding away on the treadmill when a small, balding 'personal trainer' started cleaning the machine next to me. I could barely contain my annoyance when he proceeded to spray a cleaning product practically in my face, and when he started to hoover up the dust on my treadmill - as I was running - I had to say something. 'Dude, you're going to trip me up!' I yelled. And did the little man apologise? Did he smile sweetly and move to another machine? No! He said 'I were nowhere near you!' and carried on. Cheeky swine. The adrenaline rushing through my body made me vow, in my head, to complain to the manager but by the time I had finished my workout and had a shower, I had calmed down and left quietly. Probably for the best, I think...


  1. What a poop your gym guy was! You should have flung some sweat on him.

  2. I can only hope that the adrenalin rush from dealing with the jerk fueled an extra hard workout.

    And karma is going to catch up with the dweeb. I just hope you're there to watch ;)