Friday, 11 December 2009

Day 46 - update

Just a quickie to say I did another weigh-in yesterday and half a pound has gone. Hoorah! So that's four in total, not a miracle diet but certainly a healthy one which has made a difference.

I am officially on a break from the project now until after Christmas and will blog again then.

Happy Xmas to one and all, and... CHEERS!


  1. Probably should just wait 'til summer to start back. Why rush?

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  2. Hi Jack! Don't worry I won't be overdoing it! I have realised that Xmas doesn't have to be filled with mince pies and Christmas pudding! And I am sticking to the water, just not if I happen to be near an alcoholic beverage...

    I will be mortified if I put on over Xmas. So I am going to remember the feeling I had last week when I'd lost two pounds and cling onto the memory of that adrenaline rush! As Kate Moss would say: 'Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.' (Please ignore Kate's words of wisdom if you are anorexic/bulimic.)

  3. Just read your Opposites Day post! I thought you were suffering from a severe bout of male PMT then! :-D